Carla R

I enjoy using Culturetheque because it is resource which you can log into easily from your smartphone or laptop, whenever you have a spare moment, to enjoy a wide variety of French material which is saved all in one place. It is easy to find something of interest on the site, as it has such a broad range of material, such as cartoons, classical books and videos, which are clearly marked by reference to proficiency level. I particularly enjoy using the audio function whilst reading the online books. It really helped to improve my listening, pronunciation and overall confidence.


I have very much enjoyed being a member of the Alliance Française in Jersey. Although I have not followed French courses at the Alliance, I have attended many interesting presentations, for example on Victor Hugo and Prévert. I also really enjoy the film club where I have seen a variety of French films and eaten too much camembert. I enjoy seeing familiar faces at all these events. I’m looking forward to the next film and the next Conversation au Pub!

Jon C

Maud works hard to make learning French a fantastic and fun experience, balancing careful explanation and patience with appropriate challenge to get the best out of all her students. She’s relentlessly enthusiastic, brings a quirky sense of humour and has a genuine passion for bringing the culture to life whilst matching pace to the classroom’s needs. Bravo - a great, fun learning experience…

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