Our Partners

1/ Fondation Alliance Française

Founded in 2007 and recognised as a public-interest body, the Fondation Alliance Française provides support to the worldwide network of Alliances Françaises (over 800 Alliances Françaises in 135 countries). Using a detailed reference document of standards, the Fondation ensures harmonisation within the network, so that all Alliances Françaises around the world offer excellent teaching and the best possible welcome.

Fondation Alliance française

101 boulevard Raspail

75006 Paris

2/ Institut Français du Royaume-Uni

The Institut Français in London is our major French partner. It helps us promote French language and culture through different actions : access to resources, training programs and cultural cooperation. It encourages cross-cultural exchange and presents the best of French culture through French courses, film screenings, library collections, children’s activities, festivals, talks and concerts.

Institut français du Royaume-Uni

17 Queensberry Place

London SW7 2DT

3/ L'école FLAM de Jersey

The FLAM programme (Français LAngue Maternelle) was set up by the French government in 2011 for French speaking families living abroad. It enables French and binational children aged 4 to 16 years to practice the French language and to keep in contact with French culture.

L'Alliance Française de Jersey has an exclusive partnership with FLAM and it is our qualified teachers who teach the FLAM children. The teachers follow a curriculum based on the French 'Education Nationale' curriculum.

Classes for younger children (4 to 7 years old) focus mainly on spoken French, while classes for the older children (8 and above) allow them to practice both spoken and written French and to read in French.

For more information about classes and registrations:

Tel: +44 7829 970251(Valérie Février)

E-mail: flaminjersey@gmail.com

4/ Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche

La Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche is the permanent representative office of the County Council of La Manche and the Regional Council of Normandy in the Channel Islands.

Its purpose is to maintain the continuity of diplomatic relations and to develop economic, tourist, cultural and language exchanges. We work together on specific projects, like the French festival and Le Rocher.

Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche

71 Halkett Place

St Helier

Jersey JE2 4WG

5/ Government of Jersey

The Alliance Française de Jersey works closely with the Government of Jersey, the Education Department, the States Assembly and the External Relations Department. We offer courses to States Members and States employees. In addition, we provide support for translations to Jersey Heritage and other institutions.

6/ Fle.fr

Since 1996, the Fle.fr website is the official website of the French as Foreign Language promotion Agency (l'Agence de promotion du FLE), which is a professional information organisation.

Agence de promotion du FLE
5, rue Marceau 34000 Montpellier - France

7/ French In Cévennes

Alliance Française de Jersey is partnering with an immersion program called "French in Cévennes", a week-long, all-inclusive, French immersion class with lodging in Massif Central.

‍French immersion courses offer the possibility of combining face-to-face lessons with real-life exchanges in authentic situations, either at the gîte during informal discussions or during outings to discover the region.

Classes are intended for adults, and all levels of French can be arranged. The stay includes transportation from the nearest station/airport, activities and full-board accommodation.

The program runs from the beginning of March until mid-October. Members of Alliance Française de Jersey will get a 5% discount on their stay.


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