Five reasons to learn French

1/ Work in France or in a French speaking environment

French is spoken on five different continents and by a large number of people. Being able to speak French in the working world means broadening your horizons and your opportunities for future employment or perhaps a new client... Speaking French is a real asset on your CV!

2/ Study in France

A minimum level (B2) is required to study in France. You can certify your knowledge at the Alliance Française with either the DELF / DALF or the TCF exam. If you are still feeling unsure you can boost your confidence before the exams with our native teachers during dedicated classes.

3/ Travel to France

France is only a short crossing away from Jersey so there are plenty of opportunities to travel there. Whether it is for a day trip or a longer holiday, it is always helpful to be able to communicate, to understand what people are saying and to be understood.

4/ Live in France

Do you own a house in France? It would be the perfect opportunity to put into practise all the skills acquired at the Alliance Française. By attending French classes, you will be able to communicate more easily with your neighbours or your French speaking friends. It can also be very useful in your daily life in France to have, at least, some basic knowledge.

5/ Discover French and Francophone cultures

Language cannot be dissociated from culture. The core of the Alliance Française is to teach French. But, in addition to that, the Alliance Française aims to promote French and Francophone cultures. In order to do so, numerous cultural events are organised throughout the year which is a great opportunity for people to discover a different culture and French way of life.

What our students say

"I found AF the best place to learn French because the teachers are all French so they provide cultural input as well as great grammar classes."

Sue D. (Conversation and group class)

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