Alexandrine Gagnaire

Alexandrine also called Alex was born in Marseille in Provence.
She did her A-levels in Science and then studied physics and chemistry at college where she graduated in 2002. She then studied social and work environment psychology and graduated in 2005.
She moved to London in 2005 and did some volunteering work for a charity called Cats Protection. She then discovered how passionate she felt about helping animals and when she came back to Provence studied for 2 years at Veterinary Nursing School (GIPSA).
Alexandrine has been working as a local vet nurse for about 10 years and was then able to train other vet nurses on site.
That’s when she found out how great it felt to pass her knowledge on.
Alexandrine moved to Jersey in October 2020 and reached out to Alliance Française a few months ago.
After observing several classes she realized how fulfilling it is to teach pupils her own language and culture.
Alexandrine is now teaching A2/B1 conversation class on Tuesday evenings and she absolutely loves it.
Outside of Alliance Française you will find Alexandrine vet nursing or on weekends walking the island with her dog as well as boxing and practicing Bikram yoga.

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