Photo exhibition Imagine France by the sea

09:00 17-09-19 - 18:00 13-12-19

The objective of the project Imagine France by the sea, initiated by Atout France, is to offer a different view of French littoral resorts. Through the inventive sight of photographer and artist Maia Flore, French coasts unveil their more poetic and unexpected sides: art of living, cultural and architectural patrimony, natural spaces reveal themselves to offer a real invitation to escape and change of scene.


Maia Flore was born in 1988 in France.

In 2010, this is with the light of Scandinavia how she started her first series “Sleep Elevations”, a suspended trip which merges with childhood memories. Her approach comes within the scope of a research of coincidence between reality and imagination, a completely made up universe in the form of touching and captivating narrations, sometimes weird or even surrealistic.

In Finland and then at the arts centre of Berkeley, California, she explores new representation and narration methods of which come out two series: “Situations” and “Morning Sculptures”. At the same time as she works, Maia Flore meets the orders, as much for press as for – private or public – cultural sector. In 2015, she is laureate of HSBC Photography Prize. In 2014 and for the first time, she collaborates with Atout France for the “Imagine France” project, dedicated to cultural tourism, to add it value in a very aesthetic and contemporary way. In 2016, she is selected by the Cluster Tourisme Littoral to renew the French coast image.

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